Top 5 Sportswear Manufacturers in the USA 2023

If you are looking to buy sportswear, you can rely on American Sportswear Manufacturers. American sportswear manufacturers have a lot to offer, short lead times, variety, keeping up with fashion, customisation and much more. If you are looking for sportswear or buying in small quantities, you can continue to browse through this article, which will recommend many of the best sportswear manufacturers in the USA.

Advantages of choosing the USA for your sportswear

Better quality control, more flexible production and shorter lead times from USA sportswear manufacturers. Short lead times, customisation needs, better and more convenient service, guided by the demand for fast fashion and personalised products. These are the advantages of choosing an American sportswear manufacturer.


    List of American Sportswear Manufacturers:

  1. Seam Apparel

  2.  Lefty Production Co.

  3. Foxedo Sports

  4. Pacific Coast Sportswear

  5. Taxon



1. Seam Apparel

Established: 2009

Headquarters: USA

Main products: Custom sportswear, custom sweatshirts, running apparel

Company Profile: Seam Apparel offers a wide range of services with its quality manufacturing options. seam is skilled in the art of making quality customised clothing that can be tailored to meet the needs of its customers.


2. Lefty Production Co.

Established: 2012

Headquarters: Los Angeles, USA

Main products: Sportswear, men's wear, women's wear, swimwear

Company Profile: Lefty Production Co. is a one-stop shop design house, apparel and accessories manufacturer, and American-made fashion factory located in downtown Los Angeles. They guide new and established clothing and accessory collections through sketching and design, fabric and trim sourcing, labeling and branding, pattern and sample making, reproduction, fitting, pattern revision, and marking.



3. Foxedo Sports

Headquarters: New York, USA

Main products: American football uniforms, hockey uniforms, basketball uniforms, custom sportswear

Company Profile: Foxedo is a private label manufacturer of custom sportswear, athletic wear and casual wear for brands, corporations, sports clubs, retailers and online sellers on Amazon and shopify, benefiting customers in the US, Australia, Canada, UK and worldwide.



4. Pacific Coast Sportswear

Founded: 1974

Headquarters: Fountain Valley, California, USA

Main products: Basketball apparel, custom sportswear, track and field cross country

Company Profile: Since 1974 (over 44 years), Pacific Coast Sportswear has been the most reliable supplier of custom sportswear. After over 12 years of research into the sublimation process, PCS switched to producing only sublimated uniforms in 2010. As in the past, the quality of our sublimation is consistently better than most products on the market today. Their colours are brighter and more consistent. We have the ability to match almost any colour you can think of. They use the most advanced printers and presses available today. They are constantly updating our equipment to provide the best quality.



5. Taxon

Established: 2009

Headquarters: Fujian, China

Main products:Outdoor fitness wearsportswear, running wear, yoga wear

Company Profile: Fuzhou Boyan Trading is a leading manufacturer of sportswear in ChinaThey have our own design and research department, over 10 production lines, and a strict quality control department. Their main products include casual sportswear, sportswear, fitness wear, yoga wear, sports shirts, T-shirts and other apparel.




American sportswear manufacturers have had a major impact on the global sports industry, setting trends and raising the bar for performance and style. With their innovative designs, superior quality and relentless pursuit of excellence, they have become synonymous with athletic success and fashion forward sportswear. The American sportswear manufacturer is renowned for its ability to blend function with fashion. From high-performance running gear to stylish fitness apparel, they offer a wide range of options to meet the diverse needs and preferences of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

What sets American sportswear manufacturers apart is their focus on technological advances. They invest heavily in research and development, pushing the boundaries of fabric technology, moisture-wicking properties, breathability and ergonomic design. In addition to product innovation, American sportswear manufacturers are also socially responsible. Many of them prioritise sustainable practices, use environmentally friendly materials, reduce waste and promote ethical manufacturing processes.

American sportswear manufacturers have gained global recognition and have a loyal customer base around the world.If you want to know more.please contact us!


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