Top 5 Sportswear Manufacturers in French 2023

Focusing on design and innovation, French sportswear manufacturers incorporate fashion elements into their sportswear to make them more attractive in appearance while maintaining functionality and comfort. French sportswear manufacturers generally use high-quality materials to create their products. They pay attention to selecting fabrics with excellent properties such as durability, breathability and moisture wicking to ensure that sportswear provides a comfortable feeling and good functionality during exercise. Similarly, French manufacturers pay attention to the exquisite craftsmanship in the manufacturing process. They pay attention to detail and strive for superior quality from cutting to sewing. This dedication to craftsmanship ensures the durability and reliability of the activewear manufactured by the activewear manufacturer.


    List of French Sportswear Manufacturers:


  2. Taxon

  3. simo-international

  4. foehn

  5. balotti




Established: 2004

Headquarters: France

Main products: Sportswear, Motorcycle Wear, Cycling Wear

Company Profile:Alpine Groupe Sportwear is a French company that designs and produces personalized clothing, tailored for a variety of winter and summer sports. They also specialize in providing personalized, custom apparel for events, ceremonies, exhibitions and more. They are specialists in the production of personalized handmade clothing and accessories with over 12 years experience in the field. They can produce fully personalized clothing and many other products with your brand logo and colors of your sports teams, associations, clubs, businesses, events, sponsors etc.


2. Taxon

Established: 2009

Headquarters: Fujian, China

Main products:  Outdoor fitness wearsportswear, running wear, yoga wear

Company Profile: Fuzhou Boyan Trading is a leading manufacturer of sportswear in China. They have our own design and research department, over 10 production lines, and a strict quality control department. Their main products include casual sportswear, sportswear, fitness wear, yoga wear, sports shirts, T-shirts and other apparel.


3. simo-international

Established: 1985

Headquarters: France

Main products: Sportswear, Outdoor Wear, Swimming Wear

Company Profile: Simo International is a company specializing in overstock, unsold and end of series valuations. They offer our customers a diverse range of product lines, footwear, textiles and accessories. All categories covered: Sports, Outdoors, Football, Rugby, Boxing, Swimming, Leisure, Dance, Golf, Running, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Tennis, Volleyball, Yoga and more. Thanks to a qualitative and quantitative product catalog, Simo International wants to prioritize the needs of its customers.


4. foehn

Headquarters: France

Main products: Men's cargo shorts, women's tech tee

Company Profile: Foehn is imbued with this very special alpine vibe, designed by sports enthusiasts, but above all for sports enthusiasts. They are committed to bringing you our dream clothing collection! The brand is based on 3 pillars. Technicality: Above all, they wanted the brand to meet the technical and quality expectations of athletes. Versatility: they believe that the same activewear must be suitable for different exercise habits. Made in France: their brand must respond to current ethical and environmental challenges. They are proud to have chosen a 100% French design.


5. balotti

Established: 2018

Headquarters: France

Main products:Sportswear, equestrian clothing, shorts

Company Profile: BALOTTI is a French brand founded in 2018 by the South of France-based CLEVIN company. Since 2018 the catalog has been continuously expanded and they now supply many sports clubs in France and abroad: football, handball, rugby, badminton, volleyball, basketball... They have selected and tested the best equipment for you. Nothing is by chance, every detail is designed to your satisfaction.



The advantages of choosing a French sportswear manufacturer are design innovation, high-quality materials, exquisite workmanship, sustainable development and brand reputation. If necessary, you can contact the taxon sportswear manufacturer. After years of development and construction, this sportswear manufacturer has established a good reputation and consumer trust. When you choose the products of this sportswear manufacturer, you can get higher quality assurance and good after-sales service.


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