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With the world's attention to sports, more and more sports brands have sprung up. Many well-known sports brands should be familiar to everyone, such as Adidas, Nike, etc., which should be familiar and well-known. We bring you a list of the top ten sportswear brands in the world. Come and see which top sportswear brands are there?


1. Nike (USA) - Nike

NIKE is a world-renowned sports brand. The original meaning in English is the Greek goddess of victory, and the Chinese translation is Nike. The company produces a wide range of sporting goods, such as clothing, footwear, sports equipment, and more.

The Nike logo is a small hook. Nike has always regarded it as an honorable mission to inspire every athlete around the world and offer them the best products. Nike's pioneering air-cushion technology revolutionized the sports world. Sports shoes made with this technology can well protect the knees of athletes. It reduces the impact on the knees when they fall during strenuous exercise.


2. Adidas (Germany) - Adidas

Adidas (Adidas) is a German sports goods manufacturer, Adidas's trademark is a slogan: "Impossible is nothing". Product categories include ball and track apparel, sports shoes, yoga apparel, sports accessories (watches, glasses, etc.), casual footwear, men's fragrances, and skin care products.


3. Reebok (USA) - Reebok

Headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts, Reebok International designs, sells, and distributes athletic, fitness, casual, and athletic apparel and equipment and designs, sells, and distributes footwear under the Polo Ralph Lauren brand. Reebok's English name "Reebok", the original meaning of the word, is a kind of antelope in Africa, it is light and good at running.

Reebok products are characterized by being novel and fashionable, serving general people's fitness activities, and targeting consumers such as women, young people, and general consumers.


4. Puma (Germany) - Puma

PUMA (Puma) is a German sports brand. It proposes a new brand slogan Forever Faster. It designs and provides professional sports equipment, and its products cover the fields of running, football, golf, and even racing. The slogan is "the fastest running shoes".


5. Fila (Italy) - Fila

FILA is one of the top ten sports brands in the world, mainly engaged in the development of elegant sports-related products such as tennis, skiing, golf, yoga, and racing. Bright and bold design style, outstanding elegance, and unique product efficacy make FILA unique in the world's top sports brands and well-known all over the world.


6. Mizuno (Japan) - Mizuno

Mizuno, a sports brand founded by Japan's Mizuno Co., Ltd. in 1906, has become the world's leading manufacturer of sports equipment, clothing, and footwear after more than a century of continuous efforts.

Mizuno strives to serve all kinds of sports and strives to make sports life more enjoyable and exciting. The product range is complete, covering almost all major sports, reaching more than 300,000 categories. Product development is based on extensive scientific research to ensure that sports are more comfortable and safe, and at the same time, we firmly believe that the combination of technology and human sensibility can create perfect quality.


7. Umbro (UK) - Umbro, Umbro

Umbro is an internationally renowned brand UMBRO with a history of 92 years. It is a UK-based football apparel manufacturer. The brothers merged the five English letters in their English name (HUMPHREY BROTHERS) into the word UMBRO and then matched the diamond double diamond pattern to become the registered trademark of UMBRO today.

Umbro has been developing steadily with the brand concept focusing on football, and now it has become a world-renowned supplier of professional football clothing and equipment, as well as all football-related equipment.


8. Eight, Kappa (Italy) - Kappa

Kappa is a sports and leisure clothing company founded in Turin, Italy in 1916. Formerly a small company called m.c.t.

Kappa is one of the famous sportswear brands. At the beginning of the brand's inception, it has provided sponsorship to various sports teams. Its main products are designed for the sporting goods market. Teams such as South Africa and Jamaica are loyal supporters of Kappa.


9. Diadora (Italy) - Diadora

The name DIADORA comes from a town in ancient Greece, and the original meaning is " with talent, talent" An Italian company later manufactures sports products under its name and is known for its ski boots and loafers. With the grasp of the progress of sports technology and the correct marketing, Diadona's brand effect has become more and more prominent, and it is loved by more and more young people. And it has also become a first-class manufacturer of sports products.


10. Lotto (Italy) - Lottery

Lotto is a shoe brand. The name is derived from the founder's surname. The two overlapping diamonds represent high-tech research and development and innovative design concepts, reflecting Lotto's natural preference for football and tennis in the early days of the brand's development.

After more than 30 years of development, Lotto has developed into the No. 1 sportswear brand in Italy. After two years of positioning the fashionable Lotto Leggenda series, it is deeply loved by consumers.



Through the above content, you should know what the well-known sportswear brands are. If you're looking to source a collection of trendy sportswear for your clothing brand in the near future. Then you can contact us. We are a sportswear manufacturer from China, specializing in customizing various sportswear products for overseas brand clothing. If you are interested in us, you are welcome to send an email to communicate with us. We will introduce our advantages and quotations to you in detail.

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