Top 10 Sportswear Manufacturers in the UK 2023


Renowned for its commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology, the UK stands as a hub for some of the world's top sportswear manufacturers and suppliers. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike rely on the UK's sportswear brands for apparel, footwear, and accessories that elevate their game and empower them to achieve their athletic goals. 


Are you looking for Sportswear manufacturers or suppliers based in United Kingdom? We have compiled a list of 10 best clothing manufacturers for you to choose as follows:

Company Name Location Main products
Fuzhou Bo Yan Trading Fujian, China Custom Sportswear
RO&RITZY Ltd UK Custom Sportswear
Jp Clothing Ltd North East England Custom Sportswear
Sports & Leisure Brands Ltd Manchester, UK Custom Sportswear
Classic Sportswear Ltd. South Wales Cardiff Ely UK Custom Sportswear
OGUK Ltd Leicester UK Custom Sportswear
Pinkfudge Manufacturing UK Limited North East Hampshire, England Custom Sportswear
Blue Associates Sportswear Berkhamsted, UK Custom Sportswear
Pearl Global Ltd London, England Custom Sportswear
 MG Sportswear Ltd Kidderminster, UK Custom Sportswear


1. Fuzhou Bo Yan Trading

Location: Fujian, China

Company type:Manufacturing

Year founded: 2009

The number of employees: 200-299

Main products: Outdoor fitness wear, sportswear, running wear, yoga wear

Company Profile

Fuzhou Boyan Trading Co. Ltd is a sportswear manufacturer and exporter from China. They have been providing bespoke clothing for start-ups and sportswear companies in the UK. Have worked with clients in the UK for over ten years.

Due to their service prices are more suitable and the quality of sportswear is better. Many small and medium garment enterprises choose to cooperate with them. Source a huge range of sportswear products from them.

If you need custom sportswear in small batches, then they are your best choice!



Location: UK

Company type:Manufacturing

Main products:Men's Activewear, Women's Activewear, Custom Activewear

Company Profile

RO&RITZY Ltd is a leading sportswear manufacturer based in London, specializing in the production of high-quality athletic apparel and sports accessories. 

As the UK's sustainable bespoke sportswear and accessories manufacturer, they have established themselves as a trusted name in the industry, delivering innovative and performance-driven sportswear solutions to athletes, sports teams, and fitness enthusiasts in the UK and beyond.


3. Jp Clothing Ltd

Location: North East England

Company type:Manufacturing

The number of employees: 50-99

Main products: custom sportswear

Company Profile

Jp Clothing Ltd., headquartered in Hartlepool, is a dynamic sportswear manufacturer known for its trendy and performance-oriented activewear, gym wear, and fitness clothing. Since their establishment in 2002, they have been supplying top-tier sportswear to various sports retailers, fitness centers, and sports teams in the UK.

Since their inception they have been supplying top quality sportswear to a wide range of sports retailers, fitness centers and sports teams across the UK. Depending on the style, their manufacturing department can produce up to 2,000 garments per week. Their team can provide fast turnaround and low minimum order quantities.


4. Sports & Leisure Brands Ltd

Location: Manchester, UK

Company type: Manufacturing

Year founded:1924

The number of employees: 70-90

Main products: Custom Sportswear, Team Uniforms

Company Profile

Sports & Leisure Brands Ltd, based in Manchester, UK, is a specialized manufacturer of custom sportswear, team uniforms, and compression garments. Their expertise lies in providing tailor-made sportswear solutions that reflect the unique identity and branding of sports teams and organizations.

With a strong focus on quality, functionality, and aesthetics, Sports & Leisure Brands Ltd has emerged as a preferred choice for sports clubs, schools, and corporate sports events looking for bespoke sportswear solutions.


5. Classic Sportswear Ltd.

Location: South Wales Cardiff Ely United Kingdom

Company type: Manufacturing

The number of employees: 100-139

Main products: Track tops, track pants, sports apparel

Company Profile

Classic Sportswear Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer of performance sportswear, sports outerwear and technical fabrics. They, Cardiff Ely, South Wales, have been dedicated to meeting the needs of professional athletes and sports enthusiasts, offering a wide range of high-performance sportswear that enhances comfort and enhances sports performance.

As one of the UK's top sportswear manufacturers, their use of advanced materials and cutting-edge manufacturing processes set them apart in the highly competitive sportswear industry.


6. OGUK Ltd

Location: Leicester UK

Company type: Manufacturing

Year founded: 2005

The number of employees: 50-99

Main products: Socks, sportswear

Company Profile

Based in Leicester UK, OGUK Ltd is a leading sportswear manufacturer specializing in the integration of wearable technology into sportswear products. Since its inception in 2005, it has grown to become a major clothing supplier to the UK market, with a special focus on hosiery, socks and sportswear. 

Working closely with some of the largest sportswear retailers in the UK, they have built their reputation by consistently delivering quality products and excellent service.


7. Pinkfudge Manufacturing UK Limited

Location: North East Hampshire, England

Company type: Manufacturing

The number of employees: 50-99

Main products: High-strength sports bras, women's leggings, training hoodies, sportswear

Company Profile

Pinkfudge Manufacturing UK Limited is a well-known sports wear manufacturing company with a creative team of B2B designers and manufacturers specializing in textiles and clothing materials. 

Pinkfudge's focus on stretch fabrics has given it a strong reputation in the sportswear industry. The manufacturer not only produces high-quality sportswear but also has extensive experience in hot-pressed vinyl, dye printing, and more. Other services you may find at Pinkfudge Manufacturing UK are personalized embroidery, and printed sportswear or tracksuits.


8. Blue Associates Sportswear

Location: Berkhamsted, UK

Company type: Manufacturing

The number of employees: 100-299

Main products: Sustainable sportswear

Company Profile

Blue Associates Sportswear, based in Berkhamsted, UK, is a leading sportswear manufacturer at the forefront of sports technology and smart fabrics.

As one of the UK's leading sustainable sportswear manufacturers, They create sustainable, bespoke, high-performance sportswear, bags, and accessories for brands in the cycling, running, outdoor, marine, golf, equestrian, ski, and fitness industries. 

They offer sustainable options for eco-conscious customers who want to produce recycled polyester or sustainable sportswear. Founded in 1997, they work with over 300 global sportswear brands and start-ups to create some of the world's best sportswear and bags.



9. Pearl Global Ltd

Location: London, England

Company type: Manufacturing

Year founded: 1987

The number of employees: 100-299

Main products: Sportswear, casual wear

Company Profile

PEARL GLOBAL Ltd is a renowned UK-based sportswear manufacturer known for its performance sportswear, footwear, and accessories. Founded in 1987, the company has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise in the industry.

PEARL GLOBAL specializes in providing innovative sportswear products that cater to the needs of professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. As one of the UK's leading sportswear manufacturers, PEARL GLOBAL Ltd continues to set the benchmark for quality, style, and technological advancement in the sportswear market.


10. MG Sportswear Ltd

Location: Kidderminster, UK

Company type:Manufacturing

The number of employees: 90-199

Main products: Sportswear, Team Sportswear, Men's Sportswear

Company Profile

MG Sportswear Ltd, based in the United Kingdom, is one of the world leaders in sportswear manufacturing, offering a wide range of sportswear, footwear and equipment. One of the UK's top sportswear manufacturers, MG Sportswear is renowned for its iconic designs, performance fabrics and innovative technology. The company's focus on catering to the needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts has cemented its position as the first choice for sportswear in the UK and beyond.



Finding a reliable sportswear manufacturer in the UK these days is not so easy, especially with so many new manufacturers popping up to keep up with the trends. But hope our list can help you to find the sportswear manufacturer that best suits your requirements. Background checks are recommended before entering into a partnership with a manufacturer as they will play an important role in the success of your business.

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