Top 5 Sportswear Manufacturers in Australia 2023

Australian sportswear manufacturers are in the spotlight globally. They are known for their superior quality, innovative designs and craftsmanship with attention to detail. These sportswear manufacturers are committed to providing athletes and sports enthusiasts with comfortable, durable and functional equipment that allows them to perform at the best level in their sports. Quality sportswear manufacturers produce quality sportswear that helps shape the body by improving body posture. It improves the ability to move freely with ease, otherwise impossible with normal clothing. If you want to look better, choose sportswear from good sportswear manufacturers that utilize stretchy fabrics, showcase elastic waistbands, and showcase extra drawstrings. When you exercise, it helps you burn calories, makes you sweat, and is ultimately great for staying active. Even though sweating during a workout is considered a good sign, it can still be a major nuisance, as sweaty clothes not only keep you loaded for hours, but also create a bad smell. The breathable fabrics that sportswear manufacturers use in the construction of their sportswear wick away sweat, keeping you dry and cool throughout your workout.

     List of Australia Sportswear Manufacturers:

  1. SA sportswear

  2. Taxon

  3.  Activewear

  4. ISCsport

  5. Rebelsport



1.SA sportswear

Established: 2004

Headquarters: Australia

Main products: custom sportswear, school sportswear, training sportswear

Company Profile: With their extensive experience in custom uniform manufacturing, design and sublimation, they have equipped athletes from youth to adult, from local teams to professional competitions. Their values include hard work, patience, persistence and an unwavering commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. they've pulled out all the stops so you can hit some serious goals with a bespoke SA Sportswear uniform.


2. Taxon

Established: 2009

Headquarters: Fujian, China

Main products: Outdoor fitness wearsportswear, running wear, yoga wear

Company Profile: Fuzhou Boyan Trading is a leading manufacturer of sportswear in China. They have our own design and research department, over 10 production lines, and a strict quality control department. Their main products include casual sportswear, sportswear, fitness wear, yoga wear, sports shirts, T-shirts and other apparel.


3. Activewear

Established: 2009

Headquarters: Australia

Main products: dance wear, leggings, fitness wear

Company Profile: As one of the top Sportswear Manufacturers of Australia's best Sportswear, they want to help you start or build your private label better, they feel we'll help you better than anyone else! They have a carefully crafted private label activewear range in Australia, each product is made from the highest quality fabrics and is made for professional athletes. They can even help you add your own designs and brand logos to private label blank garments, so every product you order in bulk will bear your badge of honor. Activewear Manufacturer has some of the top designers in the industry, giving them the opportunity to help you get the most out of your private label activewear in terms of style and quality.


4. ISCsport


Established: 1991

Headquarters: Australia

Main products: custom outerwear, training apparel

Company Profile: They exist to enhance every teams journey through the collaborative delivery of custom kit and to be the first choice for all custom performance apparel needs. Whether you're a sporting team, school or business after quality custom apparel, their dedicated team delivers expertise, creativity, responsiveness, quality and value. They're made for teams of every kind and they're motivated by being part of something bigger.



5. Rebelsport

Established: 1976

Headquarters: Australia

Main products: Children's sportswear, outdoor jackets, women's sportswear

Company Profile: in 1985 they opened our first rebel store in Bankstown, Southwest Sydney.Today they’re Australia’s leading sports retailer offering the biggest range and the best global brands. With 160 stores across Australia our team is 6000 strong and together, they inspire all Australians to chase their sporting dreams and passions.



The right tracksuit will always protect you from the weather. When exercising outside in the hot summer months, it's crucial to wear flexible, comfortable clothing. This way, your body stays cool and doesn't overheat. You can always take it off if you feel overheated. Contact one of the most renowned private label apparel suppliers in China as the sportswear manufacturer is a leader in the sports world with superior quality, innovative designs and a commitment to sustainable development! Pre-production samples available for bulk orders!



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